Happy birthday Michel!

Little tribute to my friend Michel Mammi!
Go to see his works on the blog!

"RUN BABY RUN"_episodio pilota

Striscia ispirata alle mie corsette per rimettermi in forma.
Forse la prima ed ultima, forse no...BAH!


(me when I run with sun)

Happy birthday Ryan!

Little tribute to my friend Ryan Lovelock!
Go to see his works on the blog!

BLACK BLOCK #1_Comic book Cover

Today I post the work I've done for this comic book series called Black Block, written by Giovanni Tondelli and edited dy Damage Comix. (On the left you can see the cover of the first issue by my friend Michel Mammi) I've done the inner cover of the second chapter of this issue.


The final cover

Character studies.

Some thumbnails.

The process from sketch to final illustration.

The day of the POWER MARSHALL #1_comic book tribute

Work done for comic book series called "The day of the Power Marshall" written by Francesco Zappardino and edited by Damage Comix. I've done a pinup tribute in the bottom of the issue. On the left the cover by Mattia Sterzi.

Final illustration.

Some silhouettes and props.

Step by step.